Site Selection

Looking for the perfect place for your next conference or meeting? A-S-K Conference Services can provide you with professional site selection services at no cost to you.

Having a successful event starts with securing the ideal location. A-S-K will be your single point of contact throughout the site selection process. We will research, evaluate and present the most favorable venues for your event based on your specific needs.

We will send out a request for proposal, obtain answers for any questions that come up and follow up with the venues. A-S-K manages the entire process.

Following our analysis of the available facilities, A-S-K will prepare a comprehensive site recommendation report detailing the specifics of each of the highest rated facilities. This report details each recommended facility and how it conforms to the requirements including each site’s strengths and weaknesses.

Site Inspection Assistance

Once a site is selected you may choose to have a site inspection visit. A-S-K Conference Services will arrange all the details of the visit and provide assistance at the facility. Our seasoned planners, who have conducted hundreds of site selection visits, know what questions to ask and who to ask. They will prepare a site inspection agenda for your use along with a list of event specific questions tailored to your event. We will follow up with the facility to obtain any answers not available at the time of the inspection.