A-S-K has supported SAIC on a major contract with the US Department of Agriculture, and the staff assigned has performed to the highest standards…
A-S-K has played a key role in the support of a national help desk operation as well as computer operations and software development. A-S-K personnel have been required to meet or exceed operational Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and have been instrumental in helping SAIC meet these contractual obligations. The A-S-K management team is always a pleasure to work with and are always very responsive.”

Assistant Vice President/Program Manager, RMA/SAIC, Information Technology Integration Services Contract

“A-S-K has been an EDS partner for almost 20 years.   They have always been supportive of our needs and requirements. They have maintained a standard of excellence compatible to ours.”
EDS Account Manager, Information Technology Support Contract

“A-S-K’s performance clearly exceeds contractual requirements. The contractor provides good service on both of our contracts.”
Directorate of Contracting, Department of the Army, Fort Carson, CO, Testing Services and Software Instruction Contract

“A-S-K employees have always met our expectations.”
Branch Chief, USDA, Information Technology Support Contract

“A-S-K’s performance is outstanding. Always delivers what we want when we want it. Personnel are very effective and efficient. Outstanding technical resources. They deliver on time and on budget without exception. All delivery of product/milestones was on time or better. Their staff is hardworking and reliable. A-S-K’s employees from owner to peon are very customer oriented. They are all very flexible and customer oriented. From business relations through delivery of the product, A-S-K is an outstanding company. They always provide the State of Kansas with top quality A1 resources.”
Project Officer/COTR, State of Kansas, Information Technology Support Contract